About This Project

Perla Tenorio came from Tarlac, Central Luzon, the Philippines, and has worked as a domestic worker for over 20 yearsIn 2014 a friend taught her the craft of macrame and she has been tying away ever since. She loves macrame so much she makes them every day after work. She likes to make handbags and coin purses and presents them to family and friends in the Philippines. 


Perla Tenorio來自菲律賓呂宋島中部的丹轆,香港從事家傭工作超過20。 2014年他從朋友那裏學到繩結編織,從那時起繩結不,每天下班就在編他喜歡編織手提包和錢包送給菲律賓的家人朋友。 


Artist: Perla Tenorio

Happiness in Diversity 多元·樂