Turkish Paper Marbling Art “Ebru” Painting (each 297 ‌x 420 mm) Ebru is the traditional Turkish art of creating colorful patterns by sprinkling and brushing color pigments onto a basin of oily water and then transferring the patterns to paper. 土耳其大理石紋浮水畫 (每張297 ‌x 420毫米) 浮水畫是土耳其的傳統藝術,通過把顔料灑刷在水上製造出圖案,然後將圖案轉移到紙張上。

by Selen Bekiroglu 

#HappyTogether: An Intercultural Arts/Crafts Online Exhibition

Every culture has its own arts and crafts. They could be tools used in everyday life, and at the same time add beauty and spiritual meaning on top of their practical value; they symbolize human creativity and thoughtsand convey cultural values from one generation to the next.  


Hong Kong is a multicultural society in which different ethnic communities have co-created social life and enhanced the city’s soft powerBut society in general lacks understanding of the various cultures. Arts/crafts is a wonderful means to learning cross-cultural knowledge, through it we share each other’s customs and their meanings, and get a sense of how different communities face life differentlyThese cultural cognitions and emotional exchanges enhance intercultural sensitivity and empathy in society, allow effective communication in daily life, and even make us happier! 


Multiculturalism in Action Project (MIA) began its arts/crafts program with the publication of “Intercultural Hong Kong Classroom: Cultural Arts & Crafts” in 2019. A collection of crafts and stories of 20 contributors from different ethnic backgrounds, it showcases Hong Kong’s cultural diversity and is fondly called “the handicraft book”. We then held community workshops and parent-child classes, which was a delightful experience. In the second half of 2020, under the pandemic we organized 13 online workshopsParticipants came from Asia, Australia, Europe, Africa, and Americawith the oldest being 75 and the youngest 2 years old. Regardless of background and ethnicity, we shared and learned craft/art online for 6 months. We finally met in a virtual party in December and truly became intercultural friends. 


To record this craft/art journey across space and time zones, we have set up this online exhibition to present the works of the handicraft book” contributors and workshop instructors and learners. The exhibition sets no limits to media type nor seeks to pursue specific achievements, but rather aims to express the joy of intercultural communicationthus it is named “#HappyTogether“. There are 4 “exhibition halls”: Happiness in Diversity, Happiness in Meditation, Happiness in Renewing; concluding with Happiness in Future Building, in which the young ones show us their natural appreciation of cultural diversity and point towards a future of equality and happiness  


We hope that cultural diversity and possibilities will bring you more options in life and joy in intercultural friendship. After seeing our exhibition, don’t forget to leave us a comment, and visit the MIA website.  


Be happy every day, and be intercultural! 


Prof. Siumi Maria Tam 

Director, Multiculturalism in Action Project and Exhibition Curator

Connie Chan 

Assistant, Multiculturalism in Action Project

May 2021






「多元文化行動計劃」(MIA)手工/藝項目始於2019出版跨文化香港學堂: 文化手作20位裔的者分享手工藝及其背後的故事展示香港的文化多元性大家親切的稱這本書為「手工書」接著我們社區工作坊和親子班,是十分愉快的經驗2020下半年,在疫情之下我們了共十三網上工。參加者來自亞、澳、歐、非和美洲,年齡最大75歲、最小2歲,不論背景與族裔,六個月來以手工/會友,最後12月的虛擬派對見面跨文化之友 


為記錄這個跨越空間和時區的手工/藝之旅, MIA 設置網上展覽展出「手工書」作者、工作坊導師和學員的作品展覽不拘媒介,追求特定的成就,而是呈現大家通過手工/情感交流獲得快樂,所以名爲「#衆樂樂展覽共有四個「展廳「多元·樂」展示分享與應用文化之樂,靜思·展示手工/心靈互通之樂「再生·樂」展示對環境的守護不分族裔與形式都帶來祝福展覽以「未來·作結孩子展示文化多元天真自然的欣賞為我們指向平等與快樂的未來。